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Traders Forum Show in Toronto | August - September 2014


August 9-12, 2014
151 Royal Group Crescent, Vaughan, ON

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August 17-19, 2014
River Cree Resort & Casino

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Août/August 24-27, 2014
Place Forzani

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September 6-8, 2014
Exhibition Park

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Tips for maximizing your time at the Trader's Forum Show

Having a strategy and some goals in place can greatly influence your trade show experience in a positive manner. Showing up and “blindly” walking up and down the isles can lead you to a surprisingly good product line or a new vendor you may want to deal with, but in most cases, you’ll just be walking the aisles aimlessly and will leave unsatisfied. Let’s look at how you can change that around and show up prepared.


Read through the Trader’s Forum promotional material carefully. The magazine as well as the invitation badge flyers have a lot of useful information and new products which will be at the shows. Use the information sent to you to make a list of must see booths and booths you will want to visit if you have enough time. It is also wise to allow for an hour of free time each day at the show so that you can explore new vendors, products, you may have missed going through the magazine, the website, etc. Deciding how much time you want to spend at the trade show and then dividing it amongst the booths will give you a better idea of how you want to structure your visit and who to see first, etc. Scheduling appointments with must see vendors can be a big help guaranteeing you time with a sales person in their booth.

At the Show

Coming to a trade show you should have a goal of buying some new items/ categories to freshen up the look of your store. This will enable you to keep your existing customers excited about the new sku’s available on the shelves and will help drive new business to your store if you expand your horizons and don’t continuously bring in the same products in all the time. Work with your suppliers and figure out the best way to introduce and display new lines of product at your store. If you study the promotional material set to you prior to the show you will have an idea of which products interest you and what categories you would like to explore further.

After the Show

Organize the information you’ve obtained so that you can easily access it for reference. Spend extra time going over the displays you found to be particularly engaging. Make sure to follow up with the exhibitors you’ve placed orders with at the show. Having a clear plan of action from receiving the goods to displaying them at your store to selling them will be sure to make the time you’ve spent at the show a worth while investment.

7 Steps to improve your retail performance

1. Spend 1 hour every day working on your business. This hour should be spent marketing your business or thinking of new strategies you can employ to drive new traffic to your store. Find an environment where you will not be interrupted and give it an honest hour of work. Whether you spend it behind your computer, reading a magazine about the latest marketing techniques or go out and physically check out new store concepts, etc. you should derive some important points for yourself. Write them down and review them soon after to let the information sink in. Then do your best to apply what you have learned.

2. See your business as exactly that; YOUR business. Don't blame the economy, your employees or the bad weather for the lack of traffic in your store. The business landscape is constantly changing and it is up to YOU to keep up with today's trends, marketing and new concepts for your store. Invest in training yourself and your staff at becoming better at customer service.

3. Today's consumer is much more evolved in terms of their researching skills and therefore they are more demanding. Comparing products and prices on-line has become a very easy to use yet powerful tool for today's shopper. It is extremely important to know what your customers are looking for and what maximum price they are willing to pay for it.

4. Make a statement with your store and be different. If you do not stand out from the surrounding competition, you run a much higher risk of going out of business.

5. Today's consumers are not only interested in going shopping and spending their money, they are looking for an experience. They want to visit stores that engage them and provide them with something different than what they receive sitting in front of their computer and clicking check out.

6. Don't be afraid to get away from your store to find new business. It is important to "think outside the box" and the marketing of your store happens outside of it not behind the counter.

7. Go the extra mile. What this means is you should try to do more for your customers than your competition is doing. This could be providing your customers with a nice bag with every purchase, giving out a discount coupon with every purchase for next time, or as little as being extra friendly and polite. All these things will translate into positive word of mouth between people and you will drive new people to your store based on other people's experience.

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