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Traders Forum Shows January-February 2015
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janvier/January 18-21

4855, rue Louis-B.-Mayer,
Laval, PQ, H7P 6C8

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January 30 - February 2

131 Royal Group Crescent,
Vaughan, ON

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February 22-24, 2016
more info to be announced


April 3-5, 2016
more info to be announced

Tips for maximizing your time at the Trader's Forum Show

Having a strategy and some goals in place can greatly influence your trade show experience in a positive manner. Showing up and “blindly” walking up and down the isles can lead you to a surprisingly good product line or a new vendor you may want to deal with, but in most cases, you’ll just be walking the aisles aimlessly and will leave unsatisfied. Let’s look at how you can change that around and show up prepared.


7 Steps to improve your retail performance

1. Spend 1 hour every day working on your business. This hour should be spent marketing your business or thinking of new strategies you can employ to drive new traffic to your store. Find an environment where you will not be interrupted and give it an honest hour of work. Whether you spend it behind your computer, reading a magazine about the latest marketing techniques or go out and physically check out new store concepts, etc. you should derive some important points for yourself. Write them down and review them soon after to let the information sink in. Then do your best to apply what you have learned.


November Retailer Tips:

Tip 1: With Halloween behind us, the next and biggest holiday for retail business is Christmas. It is important to start early and create a Christmas/Holiday atmosphere both in and outside your store.

Tip 2: Now is the time to dig out all your Christmas products to set that festive holiday mood. Give new dimension and beauty to the exterior of your store by illuminating it with multi-coloured or winter white Christmas lights. One of the most traditional outdoor Christmas decorations is the Christmas wreath. Hang the wreath outside your door and add some ribbons and bows for seasonal shine.

Add holiday garlands to your window display and for that finishing touch, attach a few glass ball ornaments at the ends of the garlands. This will make your store more captivating and will encourage buyers to enter. Keep enough stock of outdoor décor as buyers will want to follow your example and display similar items outside their homes.

Tip 3: Make sure to carry a lot of basic items for the everyday buyers. The temperature outdoors is also dropping; therefore, displaying more winter accessories such as hats and gloves, will also add to your revenue.

Tip 4: Make your store more pleasing by playing Christmas music and strategically placed Christmas endcaps.

Your cash area allows for you to capitalize on impulse buys while people are waiting in line. Therefore, always look for that new impulse buy idea. If you have a lot of overstock of a particular item, this would be a perfect opportunity to bring that item to the front.

Tip 5: Record your monthly sales for analysis and comparison to next year’s revenue. Make notes of good selling items as well as any selling techniques that worked well. Take pictures of your store to help change or add to the décor for the upcoming years.

Tip 6: Check back in December for more tips on merchandising for the holiday season.


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