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We are proud to announce upcoming Spring 2018 Shows


March 18-20, 2018

200 Prospect Rd,
Halifax, NS
B3T 1P2


May 6-8, 2018

6900 Airport Rd,
Mississauga, ON, L4V 1E8

November Retail Tips

  • Decorate your store for Christmas. Play Christmas music to encourage shoppers.
  • Don’t forget to keep the store full with basics. Reorder November and December.
  • Feature outdoor decorations such as lights, wreaths, bows & bulbs, etc.
  • Regularly rotate giftware items.
  • Stock up cold weather gear such as ice scrapers, antifreeze, salt, etc.
  • Don’t forget hats, mittens, scarves, gloves.
  • Build a Christmas stocking stuffer section in mid-November.
  • Make sure your craft section is well stocked as people make their own decorations and gifts for Christmas.
  • Review last year’s seasonal sales / notes and last year’s inventory.

Generate some extra revenue this holiday season:

With your store nicely decorated, Christmas music playing in the background and merchandise displayed strategically around the store you are sure to have a significant increase in sales from the month before. Here are a few extra tips on how to capitalize on this time of year:

  • By the end of the first week of December, you should have a new endcap set up displaying party hats, wrapping paper, serviettes, disposable tableware, etc.
  • Historically, the highest volume of sales on bags, tissues and bows occur the week of December 18th -24th.  Make sure you are ready – STOCK UP!
  • Maintain a large quantity of gift-wrap essentials: bags, tissue paper, bows, ribbons, etc.
  • Have a visible section of scissors, tape, glue and sparkling markers. May be displayed in your impulse buy section.
  • Include photo albums/ frames endcap as Christmas is the season for pictures.
  • Continue to rotate/ change your endcaps to give your store a new look.
  • Cash area remains the #1 impulse buy section; therefore, try new items in this area. Take notes on what sells well and what does not.
  • Throughout the month be well stocked with gloves mittens, and hats.
  • Starting December 26th is boxing week. Use this time to clear out all Christmas items i.e. wrap, cards, bags, etc. at 30%-50% off.

February – Valentine’s Day

  • Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, February 14th/2017.
  • Valentine’s Day products should be on the floor one month prior.
  • Change Endcaps and feature items every 2 weeks.
  • Be well stocked on red and white tissue and gift bags.
  • Have pre-made balloon bouquets available.

Retail Tips for March – April:

  • St. Patrick’s day is Friday, March 17.
  • Easter Sunday is April 1.
  • March 1st decorate the store for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.
  • For St. Patrick’s make sure you have a lot of green and white tableware, balloons, buttons, decorations, hats and window clings.
  • For Easter include spring and summer toys, plush, chocolates and religious items.