Link Product Solutions

333 North Rivermede Road, Concord, Ontario, L4K 3N7 (map)

Tel: 416-637-2180, Toll Free Tel: 1-855-643-9121
Fax: 416-637-8373

Contact Names:
Faisal Surti

Sales Reps:

Faisal Surti – Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Pat Longo – Brand Manager Sotal

Pj Mark – Southwestern Ontario

Joe Amaral – Ontraio - GTA

Surjit Sahanan – MB, SK, AB, Northern Ontario, Ontario -  GTA


School Supplies, Office Supplies, Art & Crafts Products, Seasonal Products

Brand Names:
Selectum, Le Grip, Longo, Santa’s Studios, Fright Night, Annie’s Garden, Summer Time, Grill Maestro, Valentines, St.Patricks, Canada Day, Voyageur Travel, Camping & Fishing, Easter Parade, Arctic Gear.

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