What is Traders Forum Inc?

In 1997, Trader’s Forum was founded as a publishing company. Since that time the company has experienced an explosive growth, proving itself as the number one source for importers and distributors to showcase their items in Canada. In August 1999, due to the support of more than 150 importers and wholesalers, we have started to organize trade shows focused on discount trade.

What does Traders Forum do?

• Trade Shows
• Trade Magazine
• Virtual Showrooms
• Retail Support Program
• Exhibitors Support Program
• Suppliers Directory
• Business Seminars

How can I display my products with Traders Forum?

As a wholesaler you may participate in any of our nine annual shows either in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary or Edmonton. You may also advertise your products in our quarterly magazine which goes out to more then 18 000 retailers. You can also purchase a virtual showroom with us which will enable you to display your products online.

What is the Traders Forum Show?

The largest Canadian trade show in discount and mass merchandise industry providing retailers one stop shopping in over 30 categories including giftware, house wares, hardware, toys, electronics, food, clothing etc.

How many Shows per year does Traders Forum have?

We currently put out nine shows annually, in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary or Edmonton.

How do I become an Exhibitor at the Traders Forum Show?

In order to exhibit at the show you would have to contact us directly and Traders Forum will provide you with the necessary information.

What is an Exhibitor’s Package?

Once you are signed up to participate at the Traders Forum Show you will be mailed out a package with your booth number and location, as well as a contract stating the rules and regulations of the show and any other information relevant to the Traders Forum Show.

How can I obtain an Exhibitor’s List, Floor Plan for the Show?

The floor plan with the exhibitors list is currently available online. By clicking on any upcoming show you will receive an option of downloading an exhibitor list as well as the floor plan and some brief information about that particular show. i.e. close hotels nearby and places to eat at.

What is the Buyer’s Package?

The buyer’s package consists of the latest issue of the Traders Forum Magazine, as well as the invitation to attend the upcoming show. The invitation also contains a pre-registered badge to allow you to jump “to the front of the line”. You may still attend the show without your badge by bringing in a business card, you will be registered on site for FREE in the matter of minutes.

How can I register for the Show?

You may register for show online by clicking the REGISTER button on each and every page.

How do I receive a buyers badge?

Your buyer’s badges will me mailed out to you along with the magazine when you register for the show. Buyer’s badges are also available at the show registration desk with proof of business.

Do I have to register for every single show?

If your personal information has not been changed since the last show you have attended, you do not need to register again as you are already in our database.

I missed the last 3 shows and I have not been receiving my Traders Forum magazine.

Unfortunately we have a limited number of magazines that we send out, going by our database records the customers who have attended the last show will be the first to receive the magazine. Normally if a customer has missed 2 consecutive shows in a row in the same city the subscription is terminated.

What is the Traders Forum Magazine?

The Traders Forum magazine consists of numerous suppliers and importers who exhibit at the Traders Forum Shows. The magazine is a useful tool for buyers to view some of the specials as well as new items in the upcoming shows.

Will I receive my copy of the Traders Forum magazine when I register for the show?

Yes, magazines are also available for pick-up at the show.

Is there any other way for me to view the magazine if I have not received it?

You may go to www.tradersforum.ca and by clicking on the magazine section you will be able to view the latest issue.

What is the Suppliers Directory?

The supplier’s directory is a list of all the suppliers and importers that are currently displaying in the Traders Forum Shows and/or in the magazine.

What are Virtual Showrooms?

Virtual Showrooms are powerful tools for retailers enabling them shop online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You no longer need to travel long distance or wait for a salesman to come at their convenience to take your order. With virtual showrooms you can save time and money. Take advantage of new trends before they are even printed in the magazine!

Why should I get a Virtual Showroom?

As a distributor it is a very easy and convenient way to display your products and reach out to a large pool of customers at once through email broadcasting. New products, specials or any promotions you may want to display to your clients may be ordered and bought within the matter of minutes. For more information about Virtual Showrooms contact Traders Forum.

Trader's Forum Shows 2022

Why was the show in Quebec moved to Saint-Hyacinthe ?

Place Forzani will not be re-opened until 2023.

What is included in the cost of a booth?

Different show facilities have different requirements. Please refer to the contract for information related to each show.

What are the health safety measures at the upcoming shows?

 All shows will run according to provincial and facility guidelines. More information will be available closer to the date of each show.

Can someone who is not vaccinated participate (exhibit/ attend) a show?

As per provincial guidelines unvaccinated exhibitors/ buyers will not be able to attend the shows. Please refer to the Trader’s Forum Marketplace for ways to buy/sell products.

Are you providing shipping to and between shows?

We are currently finalizing our shipping arrangements. Information coming soon.