What is the Trader’s Forum Marketplace

A unique platform specially designed for our industry. Taking orders, setting up appointments and a convenient way for the buyers to see 1000’s of products from multiple suppliers has never been easier.

The marketplace allows for hybrid trade shows – Virtual show capability during the physical events for those buyers that can’t attend.
This is a secure platform, only accessible by registered buyers, who have been verified by the suppliers.
Extremely user friendly. Highly effective. An essential part of the new standard in the industry.

Benefits for Buyers

  • Once registered you can order 1000’s of products from multiple Suppliers 24/7all from one website: marketplace.tradersforum.ca
  • View supplier’s promotional videos, new products and specials.
  • Ability to compare 1000’s of products and prices.
  • Book appointments and meetings with your favorite suppliers using an interactive calendar.
  • Access your order history
  • Add multiple store locations to designate which order goes to which store.
If you are unable to attend the Live Show, place orders 24/7 at: marketplace.tradersforum.ca

Benefits for Suppliers and Sales Reps

  • Upload and manage hundreds of products. Contact Trader’s Forum for a quick and easy method.
  • Grant access to your products only to the buyers that have been pre-approved by you. (Your competition does not see your products)
  • Set regular and special prices.
  • Allows for multiple users to operate in the same “back office” i.e. owner and multiple salespeople.
  • Allows a salesperson an option to create pre-orders for their customers.
  • Interactive calendar allows to book meetings & appointments with the buyers.
If you are unable to exhibit at the Live Show, sell your products 24/7 at: marketplace.tradersforum.ca

How To Videos:

Adding New Product

Promoting Products

Special Price Feature

Buyers Approval

Working with Orders

Pre- Orders by a Sales Person


What if I want to exhibit only at the physical show and don’t want to participate in the online marketplace?

The special price of the online marketplace is included in the cost of the 1st booth of the Trader’s Forum show in Toronto.
You will be provided with a username and password for the marketplace to allow you to upload your products upon signing the show contract.

What is the difference between the marketplace and my website?

The difference is that the buyer will be able to place orders from multiple suppliers off one URL address, making it easy and convenient for them to shop for thousands of items.

Different buyers will shop on the marketplace, therefore generating new leads for your company. Your website will also be linked to the marketplace and will benefit from the extra traffic.

How many products can I upload?

 You have 200 slots that can be filled with products. Products can be rotated 24/7

How do I know how to use the marketplace?

Please visit our User Guide for a detailed explanation.

Can a customer place an order on the marketplace?

Yes, buyers can place orders. You will be notified via email to contact them for terms of payment.
Trader’s Forum does not collect any commissions from your orders generated on the marketplace