Importations Globe

3075, rue Sartelon, Ville-Saint-Laurent, (Montreal), Quebec, H4R 1E6 (map)

Tel: 514-849-6684 Toll Free Tel: 1-800-757-5727
Fax: 514-849-9673

Contact Names:
Johny, Ray Foz

Smoking Accessories

Smoking accessories, rolling papers, digital scales, pipes, bongs, percolators, grinders, baggies, silicone, electronic cigarettes, e-juice and much more.

Brand Names:
Zombie Glass, Vulcan, OCB, Apple Baggies, K2, Fuzion, Infyniti, Zippo, Purple Power, Orange Chronic, Bic, Duco, NXXT2ZERO, Randy's, Elements, RAW, Pure Hemp, Smoking, Zigzag, Top Vapor, Noble, NHL and Nibo

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