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10050 Cote-de-Liesse Suite 200 Montreal, Quebec H8T 1A3 (map)

Tel: 514-664-4400 Toll Free Tel: 1-888-576-6643
Fax: 514-664-4401

Contact Names:
Fritz Haarer

BBQ Items, Electronics, Party Supplies, Pet Supplies & Accessories

ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS: Cellular Accessories, Bluetooth, Radio Alarm Clocks, Telephones, Headphones, Batteries, Calculators, Telephone Cables, Computer Cables, Electrical Cables, Audio Cables, Video Cables, CD/DVD Cases & Accessories and more PARTY PRODUCTS: Full line of Gift Bags, Tissue Paper, Streamers, Balloons, Candles, Bows, Ribbons, Table Covers, Roll Wrap, Kraft Paper, Cello Wrap, Christmas Bags, Wrapping Paper, Tissue, Decorations and lots of great new items. Also available, full Christmas Party products (seasonal). PET PRODUCTS: Full line of Dog Toys (rope, vinyl, rubber & plush), Cat Toys, Pet Grooming (brushes, clippers, combs), Collars, Harnesses, Leashes, Feeding Dishes, Food Scoops, Dog Water Dispensers, Waste Bags & Dispensers, Tooth Brushes, ID Tubes, Litter Scoops, Letter Pans, Pet Snacks (both Dog and Cat treats), Rawhide Treats, Pet Clothing, Car Seat Covers, Pet Cushions, Pet Carrier Bags & Beds. SMALL APPLIANCES: Irons, Coffee Makers, Toasters, Blenders, etc. BBQ TOOLS: Brushes, Cleaning, Skewers, Forks, Spatulas, Tongs, BBQ Tool Sets, BBQ Lighters & Grill Baskets Brand Names: EXCLUSIVE BRAND NAMES: Escape, V-Tech, AT&T, Motor Hauz, Iron Chef, Enerstar, Impression Party, Animooos, Bites and Hauz Basics, Small Home Appliances

Brand Names:
Escape, Boost, Hauz, RCA, elink, Duracell, Energizer, Kingston, Ambassador, Enerstar, Panasonic, Digitz

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