Carole Martin Comfort Wear

2317 46th Avenue Lachine, QC H8T 3C9 (map)

Tel: 514-743-4240 Toll Free Tel: 1-855-286-8688 ext 323
Fax: 514-631-8885

Contact Names:
Adele Laviolette

Sales Reps:

Adele Laviolette, Cell: 514-743-4240




About Us:
We are manufacturers of the Carole Martin Comfort brand headquartered in Montreal with distribution facilities in Champlain, N.Y. 

For over 30 years we have been distributing our brand throughout North America via retail, catalog and various online portals.

Our unique design caters to women of all ages including and without exception 50+ which secures a wide range of clients.

Our client list includes the following: 

Drug Stores:  Lawton’s , Pharma Choice, Pharmasave, Guardian, Jean Coutu, Uniprix, London Drugs etc

Retail/Discounters:  Giant Tiger, Rossy, Hart Stores, Hardware stores, Pipers, Steadman V&S, Great Canadian Dollar Store, Coops, Northwest Company, Mom and Pop

Gvnt Organizations: Corrections Canada (Fraser Valley women’s Federal Penitentiary), Gvnt subsidized Seniors Homes.

Catalog/Ecom: Largest presence is in Adaptive clothing and apparel i.e. Mary Maxim,  Universal Direct, Zulily, Age Comfort, Amerimark, Silverts


Comfort Bras, Comfort Briefs, Comfort Shapewear, Comfort Socks

Brand Names:
Carole Martin Comfort

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